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    • Regulatory policy and protection of entrepreneurs rights (advocacy and lobbying campaigns)
    • Business networking
    • Market research and analytics
    • Business information and search for business partners
    • Assistance to business support organizations
    • Business consultancy and training
    • Access to markets, international trade and export promotion
    • Program for women-leaders in business

The Agency regards as one of the main aims of its activity the support of business development, in particular, small and medium enterprises, and the promotion of market innovations. We see no alternative to enterprise development as a factor of economic growth, productive employment, generation of budget revenues and individual income, implementation of innovations.


That is why, since the organization was founded in 2000, the significant part of its efforts and resources has been steadily directed at the support of business development. 


Continuous improvement of the Agency staff’s knowledge and skills, mastering of new areas and methods of activity has made it possible to widen the range of services for businesses from mere advocacy of entrepreneurs to the implementation of innovative programs of mentoring for female leaders in business and promoting international trade and export. 


Being one of the non-governmental organizations acting in the sphere of regulatory reform, we have accumulated a significant successful experience and organizational and expert potential that allows us to carry out our activities. 


A simplified procedures for business entities registration and permits issuance were introduced and tested by the Agency within the creation of the first in Ukraine Registration One-Stop-Shop in Ivano-Frankivsk (2002) and the first in the region Permits One-Stop-Shops in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush (2005-2006). Our innovative experience was actively used in the preparation and adoption of the Laws of Ukraine ‘On Principles of Regulatory Policy in Economic Activity’, ‘On permits system in the sphere of economic activity’, ‘On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs’.


15 draft laws of Ukraine developed, more than 200 draft local regulations elaborated, over 100 of them adopted.


Changes initiated to more than 20 national legislative acts. Almost 130 local regulations cancelled or modified.



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