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  • Moderating the social dialogue
  • Protecting the rights and interests of the specific social groups
  • Building partnerships with CSOs and joint public campaigns
  • Information and technical support of CSOs 

Civil society is the so-called third sector of the society, alongside with the state authorities and business sector, and includes non-governmental organizations representing the citizens’ will and interests. Ukraine is a country with a developed civil society and a branched network of non-governmental organizations claiming an important role in social life. 


Being a civil society institution, the Agency positions itself yet as a professional entity, a team of managers, experts and specialists. Our knowledge and skills of public activity acquired and broadened over a long period of time make it possible for us to set and solve socially significant tasks of various scopes - from local to national – and complexity – from cancelling a single regulation to changing a whole policy in a certain sector.


At present, a number of current problems and issues objectively require the society’s awareness and active participation. We see our field of action in the discussion and development of the policy and solving the issues of fight against corruption, adaptation of internally displaced persons and implementation of efficient models of social order for services to persons in adverse circumstances.  



The Agency also acted as a leader of the three national coalitions undertaking the functions of coordinator and major expert services (in particular, the National Coalition on One Stop Shop Monitoring, the Public Advocacy Anticorruption Network aimed at monitoring access to information at the local government level and the National Coalition on Protection of Labour Rights). Each of these coalitions has practical results of their activities, such as researches, public campaigns and specific proposals for the authorities on the regulation and deregulation of the specific issues.

Since its foundation, the Agency has taken active part in social projects, initiating a number of important transformations and innovations as well as enhancing the activity of other civic institutions.


At the same time, we understand that for proper implementation of their mission, civil society organizations need constant professional growth and improvement of skills of conducting public activities, seeking allies and building communities, the ability to carry on a dialogue and to achieve the desired results and not just to gain publicity with little content.


Our resources for civil society organizations include original publications and training materials on the instruments of public monitoring, control, lobbying and advocacy as wells as the mechanisms of exercising rights in specific spheres (for instance, the rights of the disabled, the students’ right to self-government, etc.).


Our resources include the various professional studies on socially important issues, such as Evaluation of the citizens’ satisfaction level with the services of Ivano-Frankivsk City Court and Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Appeal Court; the public monitoring of state subsidies expenditures aimed at elimination of the flood consequences occurred on July 23-27, 2008 in Ivano-Frankivsk region.


The Institute of Public Lobbying and Public Diplomacy established by the Agency with the support of Matra KAP Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2009 has accumulated and extends the experience in lobbying and public diplomacy, as well as through CSOs training contributes to the further democratic reforms in Ukraine. The Institute worked out a number of training modules for community leaders, including ‘Principles of public lobbying and planning of lobbying campaigns within the public participation campaigns’ and ‘Principles of public diplomacy’.


The Agency is dedicated to share its own experience and provide its own resources for less experienced CSOs acting as a mentor. Thus, only in 2015 we supported the establishment and operations of two non-governmental organizations – the Association of Youth Women ‘Zachid EkoMedSotsArt’ and the community organization ‘Unity for Good’.



In April 2015, the Agency in partnership with Civil Society Organization ‘The Initiative Centre to Support Social Action ‘Ednannia’ organized the School of Organizational Development ‘The conditions for viability and sustainability of civil society organizations in Ukraine’. The School was co-financed by the Government of Sweden (SIDA) within the project ‘Marketplace Mechanism for the Development of Civil Society’ and was attended by the representatives of 22 civil society organizations from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil and Chernivtsi regions.  


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