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The Agency for Private Initiative Development has proposed a unique brand identity for a joint tourist product - special tour through the pearls of historical and cultural heritage of Eastern Europe.


The city cultural tour was developed within the project ‘Eastern European Pearls: development and promotion of transboundary city tourism products’ implemented by the Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region. In the spring season of 2015, the Agency’s experts were invited and became members of the special working group set up by the Tourist Association. The overall project goal was to increase the annual number of visitors to the six selected cities - Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia (Ukraine), Lublin, Zamosc and Przeworsk (Poland) – as the key city cultural tourist centres of Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland.

Such ambitious and far-reaching goal forced to find the optimal solution in choosing an effective concept of creation of new tourist experience for the travel market. The project team had already developed the audio-excursions through the historical parts of each partner city, that have been consequently offered to cities visitors being accompanied by tour maps, promotional leaflets and posters in order to attract the visitor attention. Each project target city also received the multipurpose multilingual pocket guides (choice of languages was made on the basis of preliminary market research).

The most difficult task turned out to create a joint tour combining all six cities into one single journey, leading tourists from the city to city, allowing to choose one’s own place to start and finish the trip. The project team faced the issue that appealed all ideas proposed to visualise the tour. How to combine incongruous? What should link the cities completely different in size, economic development and history? The project team could not find something that would be equally associated with all cities at the same time.

The Agency’s experts focused their efforts on the most appropriate way to achieve results. It was decided to consider the details and find something unique for each city that can be associated with it. Taking the limited timing, an express survey was conducted. In such a way, the appropriate elements of architecture, vibrant personalities and other urban delights from each city were distinguished as elements causing associated links. The elements chosen were the forged sculpture ‘Tree of Happiness’ in Ivano-Frankivsk, Museum ‘Pysanka’ (‘Easter egg’) in Kolomyia, old tram in Lviv, magician from the city festival ‘Carnaval Sztukmistrzów’ in Lublin, a charming tour guide Monica organizing vivid tours with dressing up in vintage dresses in Zamosc and Fire Museum in Przeworsk. All these features have been linked by the two elements – an old clock and paving stones. The clock symbolizes the time one can forget while in the city or a journey, and the ancient paving stones - a promenade intrinsic for all ancient cities in Europe. 

Then the slogan ‘Where dreams come true’ was created, euphonious equally in Ukrainian and Polish languages. A composition of common and unique features of the cities under the tour slogan became the basis of the unique design of promotional materials of the tour.

Thus, a common visual identity was created for six at a first glance different, but as it turned out, very close Ukrainian and Polish cities. It is too early to assess the direct financial impact from the brand development. Presently the new identity attracts the attention of tour operators and city tourists, courses active discussions between delegations, admiration of visitors and most importantly - a source of pride and respect for each city under the joint brand – the pearl of Eastern Europe. 



The project ‘Eastern European Pearls: development and promotion of transboundary city tourism products’ was implemented from August 2013 till August 2015 by the Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region and co-financed by the European Union. 

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