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The Agency’s priorities include educational and cultural activities with children and youth, promoting the youth movement and youth enterprise, creating favourable conditions for young people’s self-fulfilment in all spheres of social life.



We understand that our efforts and work will be viable if they are supported by the next generation. Therefore, a specific area of our activity involves an education and awareness raising of youth, and the upbringing of professionals and patriots – we regard these two notions as synonyms since real patriotism lies in professional work in the interests of the community and the country, with a wide horizon and proper professional training being the necessary preconditions for it.


The Agency provides quite a few opportunities for young people to fulfil their intellectual and creative potential in the course of both development and implementation of projects and programs, at the same time developing their leadership qualities, ability of analytical thinking, generation and implementation of ideas as well as personal freedom, integrity, tolerance and generosity.


The Agency has an extended experience in organizing the training camps for young people, involving various courses, workshops, exercises and contests. We actively cooperate with leading debate clubs and associations in Europe and worldwide. Under the auspices of the Agency, the first in Eastern Europe International Carpathian Debate Association was established bringing together more than 30 debate clubs from the Carpathian regions of Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, and open not only for debate clubs, but also for individual debaters. Association launched a number of international events: the Carpathian debate school, debate tournaments and debate show (public debates), where the specific problems of local communities would be discussed.


We regularly involve volunteers to help with various surveys, to accompany delegations, service public events (conferences, forums, round tables, focus groups, contests, etc.). Volunteers are also involved in office work to process data and do other tasks.


If you will be our volunteer, you will get the opportunity of direct contact with leading professionals, famous and interesting people participating in our public events, acquiring real skills of operating office equipment, mastering new software, learning to organize events, work in a team, be a leader and responsible for a certain area of work.


We also provides the opportunity of work practice for students of universities and vocational schools both in the organization itself and with the organization’s partners – small and medium businesses.


Our youth workshops also include extraordinary events that provide the floor for an informal discussion of topics that interest the audience, with equal participation of students and the representatives of businesses and organizations that are potential employers for them. It is a chance for young people to show themselves to good advantage, display their resourcefulness, leadership potential and teamwork ability to potential employers.


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