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  • Communities’ strategic development planning
  • Planning, elaboration and implementation of key development projects
  • Socioeconomic studies
  • Territorial marketing and representation
  • Organization of promotion and training events

According to the Statute, the Agency’s activities are aimed at promoting economic development of local communities and the region as a whole. We understand local development in the context in which this notion is used by the European civilization, namely as a managed process aimed at creating preconditions for meeting economic, social and other needs of the current generation and causing no harm to future generations, which, in particular, implies the environment preservation. We are convinced that it is only by ensuring rational management and balance between economy and economic growth, on the one hand, and environment preservation on the local and regional level, on the other hand, one can provide for the progressive development of local communities and the region, make them attractive for living, studies, work and self-fulfilment for both the current and the future generations.


We believe that local economic development is an integral part of the patriotic idea. In this respect, the Agency focuses its main efforts on such strategic areas as the development of priority economic sectors, dissemination of information about the region, local communities and their potential, development of local policies that would provide the necessary incentives for the enterprise development, improvement of transport accessibility and preservation of environment.


The Agency has necessary expert potential, resources, and positive experience in the field of local development allowing:


    • to conduct professional economic, technical, sociological and other research 
    • to develop the strategies and moderate the strategic development planning process 
    • to plan and implement advocacy (lobbying) campaigns 
    • to provide analytical and expert support for projects that are of strategic importance for communities and regions
    • to prepare professional analytical and reference materials
    • to prepare and organize theme forums, round tables and other events
    • to represent the country and the region at international business forums, specialized exhibitions and other events.



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