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Optimistic expectations of businesses operating in Ukraine, regarding changes in the investment climate of our country exceeded the historical high, amounting to 3.6 points by the five point scale.

This is stated in the study of investment attractiveness index, which quarterly represents European Business Association, uniting the interests of more than 950 European, Ukrainian and international companies.

"Business responded to the revolutionary events of late 2013 - early 2014 and to the change of government. Business estimate of investment climate attractiveness increased from 1.81 to 2.72 points out of five, said in report. Thus, the estimate of changes in investment climate in the next three months became the highest for the entire estimation period and reached 3.6 points out of five. Previous maximum was 3.2 points out of five and was recorded in 2010".

Commenting on the results of research, executive director of the European Business Association Anna Derevianko said that business really expects improvements. «Previous investment attractiveness index was the lowest in the whole history of observations. Now the situation is different. We have a large geography of those who want to help Ukraine and it is important now not to miss the chance, said Derevianko. It is necessary for us to see the real progress in the fight against corruption, real steps in deregulation and improvement in the judicial system".

According to the expert, business expectations are largely motivated by emotional feelings. "But don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Expectations are serious, but we'll see what happens next", said Derevianko.

She said that business has a little stock of time to give the time for government to make reforms.

President of European Business Association Tomas Fiala agrees with her. "Now business wants changes every day. Business in general is very positive regarding the work of government. Its steps have already led to macroeconomic stability and signing of the political part of association Treaty as well as to agreement with the IMF. Business has long-awaited for the restoration of relations with the IMF. This adds certainty and predictability", said Fiala.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in December 2013 investment attractiveness index for the fourth quarter of 2013 decreased to a record low level for the five years of its existence - 1.81 points out of five. This was caused mainly by the failure to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union and Ukraine.

The index of investment attractiveness of Ukraine is quarterly presented by European Business Association, which calculates it by the regulatory monitoring of situation assessment by the first persons of companies - members of EBA. The index takes into account assessment of the authorities’ work, openness of society, preparing and performing of reforms, anti-corruption authorities' actions. Moreover, it includes assessment of judicial system and processes in tax and customs sectors, land relations and currency regulation.

Source UNIAN

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