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  • Promotion of best practices and training
  • Introduction of e-governance elements

At different stages of its activity, the Agency tries to introduce the tools of smart governance, which we understand as competent and efficient use of powers of authority and the resources available in order to achieve the maximum effect. Nowadays smart end efficient governance is practically impossible without the use of information technologies and modern means of communication. Thus, an authority website can no longer serve as a mere public bulletin board or a telephone directory – it must become a platform to provide a drastically growing segment of electronic services. One should always keep up to date, implementing new and improving the existing services and options that become accessible owing to the global Internet network.


We started the trial of elements of electronic governance and electronic document circulation as early as 2006, when creating the first permits issuing one-stop-shop in the region in Kolomyia. The issue of e-governance has been steadily on our agenda ever since. 


The Agency’s and its partners’ experience in this area includes:


  • Development, testing and technical regulation of electronic administrative services for the authorities, and also creation of platforms for public e-services (for example, e-ticket, informant about local events, interactive guides, etc.)
  • Conduction of conferences and public events in different regions concerning the introduction of e-government (Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa, Luhansk, Ternopil, Kyiv)
  • Organization of study visits in order to familiarize with the innovation and successful experiences (Estonia, Sweden, Poland)
  • Study of electronic services provided by the authorities, producing corresponding analytical reports and expert recommendations. 


In 2009, the Agency has developed an outstanding methodology and performed a monitoring of official web sites of all Ukrainian cities granted with regional status in relation to transparency and access to public information. The monitoring results were presented at the National Information Agency ‘Ukrinform’ and arose a great interest among local governments. Based on the results of monitoring, at least 14 Ukrainian cities improved their web sites and introduced new e-services for their citizens.


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